General Info

Bhitarkanika is an island enclosed by the Brahmani River from one side and the mighty Bay of Bengal from the other. It’s one of the many National Parks in India, but it does not house any big animals such as tiger, bear or even bison. What Bhitarkanika stands out for is its crocodile population. The island is basically a delta for the river Brahmani and hence full of small channels and streams of water. This suits perfectly to the lifestyle and breeding of crocodiles. And so it’s a great place for reptile lovers. Of course one can expect variety of birds as well given the perfect eco-system of an island.

Bhitarkanika is most well-known mangrove forest located in Odisha. The main attraction is watching birds, this place is famous for saltwater crocodile and other animal species as well as resident and migratory birds. It is most significant and renowned places in Odisha for ecological and biological significance.

The second largest feasible mangrove Eco-system in India is situated in the beautiful land of Bhitarkanika. The wetland and mangrove forest provides residence for over 215 bird species. This also includes few of the winter migrants travelling to India from Europe and Central-Asia. Bhitarkanika is now treated to be one of the most picturesque wildlife areas with numerous wildlife inhabitants and Giant Salt Water Crocodile.

Nearby Attractions :

  • Batighar : Batigharais the first lighthouse installed in eastern coast of India. It is surrounded with pleasant natural beauty. Once upon a time, this was known as Kaudia Dwip and used as hunting ground of Kujanga Kings. Construction of this lighthouse was started on 6th December, 1836 and it was lighted on 16th October 1837.  By road from Dangamal to Jumboo is 65 Kms and from Gupti to Jumboo is 55 Kms. From Jumboo 1hr 45mins boat ride leads to Batighara. Visitors can see mangrove forests on both sides of river while moving on the boat.
  • Hukitola :  The untouched and unexplored Hukitola island is 160 years old functional Lighthouse. It is also known for being the breeding place of horse shoe crabs and is an Ancient Port of British period. The 141-year-old sprawling Hukitola building carries the proof of excellent British architectural skill with rainwater harvesting system. The remnants of majestic buildings with wooden staircases and rain water harvesting system in Hukitola island is the symbol of the glorious past of the state. On the way from Jumboo ( 65 kms from Dangamal by road and 55 Kms from Gupti by road) to Batighar is Hukitola Island.
  • Gahirmatha : Located within the close vicinity of the Bhitarkanika National Park is Odisha’s only Turtle Sanctuary. A part of the Gahirmatha Beach, the Turtle Sanctuary is the place  where one can spot Olive Ridley Turtles.  Taking a  boat ride across the  river and gradually venturing into the wide sea is an experience ridden with sheer thrill and excitement.  These turtles travel all the way from South Pacific Ocean to breed on the coast of Gahirmatha.  About half a million of these species visit the beach every year for mating. 
  • And Also : Bhaunshagarh River Mouth, Habalikhati Beach