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What’s your travel wishlist after the #lockdown is over?

How about a road trip to Odisha’s Tikarpada? Deal !

Tikarpada is a wild getaway. It’s a 3.5 hr ride from Bhubaneswar airport by a cab. Ideally, I would recommend you to board an intercity express train from Bhubaneswar to reach Angul in 2.5 hr. Angul is the nearest town to Tikarpada. From Angul, you can book a cab/taxi to Tikarpada.

Angul is my hometown. And, to all denizens of Angul, Tikarpada is the nearest getaway. Tikarpada is barely 50 kms away with best of the roads, snaking through small villages & a dense forest range known as the Satkosia. It’s a thrill of a ride.

If you are a nature and wildlife enthusiast, Tikarpada has everything to mesmerize you.

Pick all basic minimum essentials from Angul, like water bottles, dry snacks, basic medicines etc. Other ‘must carry’ list should include a camera, trek shoes, trek stick, Tees & track pants, insect repellent, torch, head caps, jackets during winters, umbrella, tripod incase you want to capture a time lapse.


The Route:

BHUBANESWAR > Angul > Karatapata > Pampasara > Purunakote > TIKARPADA

Tikarpada is 1.5 hr drive from Angul. The real thrill of a ride begins from karatapata chak. At Pampasara gate, you have to book your tickets & fill in all basic details.

As you travel, you come across dense green mountains, paddy fields spread across the valley, small water falls and streams. You can feel and touch nature everywhere.

This is the entrance, where you need to fill in your basic details and pay the entry fees to sanctuary. Beyond this point, its a complete plastic and noise free area.

Post this gate, you come across many nature camps, where you can stay for a couple of days, enjoy jungle scenes, local food and trek activities. But you need to book your stay prior. For bookings, please contact us.

You have many nature camps at Satkosia such as Chutkei, Purunakot, Baliput, Baghamunda, Tikarpada & Tarava.


By : Sameet Pattnaik

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